Floating Houses an Option in the Red Zone

Kristina Hill – Floating options: Creative adaptation in cities

Thursday 20 July 2017, 6:00 – 7.30pm
The Piano, 156 Armagh Street

Doors, bar and coat check open from 5:00pm

Kristina Hill is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning and Urban Design at Berkeley.

Her current research focus is urban resilience in the changing global environment, particularly around climate change, sea level rise, and development to enhance a city’s ability to recover from disaster events.

Hill will discuss her recent work in the San Francisco Bay Area – a region that, like Christchurch, is challenged by a rising water table in a seismic zone.

She’ll share strategies for addressing these issues and describe recent engineering experiments used in geologic hazard areas in California.

How could Christchurch adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change? What new designs and responses might work for the red zone?

Watch a 25 minute YouTube video to learn more about Hill’s research.
Hybrid Edges: A Typology of Coastal Adaptation Strategies, June 2014(External link)



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Minutes of the Viva Project AGM 10th July 2017 @ Pegasus Arms


Jane Quigley, Jurg Honger, Chris Freear, Rosemary Neave, Yvonne Pasea, Diana Moir, Pauline Wayman, Marney Ainsley, Geoff Ridley, Geoff Butcher, Lin Roberts, David Guthrey, Judith Shearer, Blair, Natalie


Cynthia Roberts, Bev Sheppard, Julie Grenville

Minutes of the last AGM 27th June 2016 were read and confirmed as a true and correct record with one amendment that Marney Ainsley was present, not an apology.

Moved – Rosemary Neave  Seconded – David Guthrey

Viva Report for year ended July 2017 was read by co convener Jurg Honger.

Moved that the report be received and placed in the minutes – Jurg Honger


Treasurer’s report was presented by Rosemary.

Moved that the report be received – Rosemary Neave Seconded – Geoff Butcher


It was noted that the loan money that was received some time ago is included in these accounts. Therefore there is a creditor that needs to be shown in next year’s accounts.

Nominations for Core Group

Lin Roberts                            Rosemary Neave                   Colin Muerk

Pauline Wayman                   Jurg Honger                           Jane Quigley

David Guthrey                       Bev Sheppard

Chris Freear                           Geoff Butcher

The nominations were accepted and endorsed unanimously by the meeting.

Nominations for Co-Convener

Jane Quigley  Jurg Honger

The nominations were accepted and endorsed unanimously by the meeting.


Nomination for Treasurer

Rosemary Neave

The nomination was accepted and endorsed unanimously by the meeting.

General Business

Marney asked that the monthly meetings be continued. She remarked on the importance of the meetings to maintain interest, generate networks and increase people’s awareness of the Viva project. It was agreed that this needs to be a priority.

Meeting Closed 6.20pm



Viva Agm 2017 – read all about it…

Here is Jurg’s report for this year’s AGM – a good summary of what we have done:

Viva Report – AGM – July 2017

Jürg: Welcome to this year’s Viva Project AGM. It is with much pleasure that we share a brief summary of Viva’s activities over the past year.

Viva! was formed 5½ years ago – as a result of the earthquakes, to influence sustainable & community-focused development in the re-build of Christchurch.

Our vision:

“To Create Vibrant Urban Villages, Innovative and Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Design and Connected Community”.

During this time we networked and connected with more people, learned much, and grown the Viva community to ~600 people. The community now includes people from all around New Zealand and the world, but of course mostly local people who don’t merely want to “fix Christchurch” – but rebuild it in a way that is better, more connected and resilient than before.

Throughout the year, we continued looking for land to start the development of our first inner city village, and although it got close a couple of times, we are still looking. In July/August last year there was an interesting piece of land on the corner of Madras and Kilmore streets for sale, which in the end unfortunately went to auction (very difficult for us to bid at an auction). In October, we put in an offer for land in Opawa (Bunyan Street), which unfortunately wasn’t accepted. This land is still for sale, however in our recent bus trip and subsequent workshop the community expressed a strong preference for a more central site.

The bus trip also took us to the old Bowling Club site in Salisbury Street, which is probably currently our most interesting inner city site! In the workshop following the bus trip we estimated how much a home, incl. land would likely cost in this location and very disappointingly, the prices would be outside the reach of many people in our community! Thanks to the great work from Geoff Butcher (our economist on the core team), Steven Wells (our QS) and most recently Mitchell Cole (an architect in our community) we now have some good models of working out land, design and construction costs, and resulting house prices. It is REALLY hard to make these numbers stack up and create affordable homes for our community! The most significant cost component are for the construction materials and labour, so we’re planning an in-depth workshop on this in the very near future. There must be a way!!

We also approached (again) the CCC, plus their commercial development arm – Development Christchurch Ltd (DCL) late last year, for any opportunities to collaborate. Their vision for Christchurch is at least partially aligned with ours, and they are expecting to take over significant land parcels from the CCC for development, however as their development manager Camia Young said herself: “Don’t hold your breath …”!

We had some very interesting networking meetings throughout the year. Highlights included Colin Meurk’s talk on landscaping in a co-housing environment, Nick Hubbard on the merits of building with Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs, and one of my favourites, the end of year quiz!

We explored the Nightingale Model, which might support us in the future with their interesting approach to financing and ownership. The model was developed by a group of Australian architects. There is now a local Christchurch group as well (not active?).

About 50 of you responded to our online survey about what you think is important for the Viva Project. Thank you for your thoughts – they are now guiding our direction.

All this would not be possible without the hard work by our core team members! Please can you all stand up now (there is … and …, etc., plus list the ones who couldn’t make it tonight).

Thank you all for your dedication and commitment. I particularly enjoy our early morning meetings at Black Betty’s and the friendship we now share! Without this, I for one would have given up by now! The other reason why we are still going, and going stronger than ever maybe is our powerhouse JANE! Her unwavering passion and drive has us all inspired to pursue our vision and get our damn first village built!

Thank you!

On behalf of the Viva community I also acknowledge the generous support from our professionals on the team – Karen Overend, Steven Wells, Mitchell Cole, and most recently Rob Churcher from Arcus.


We will need you all in the future!

And last but not least, to you people, the Viva! Community – thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your on-going commitment and belief in the aspirations of Viva! – You are The Viva Project – and together we are making a difference.

Jane Quigley and Jürg Hönger
Co-convenors The Viva! Project

VIVA Bus Trip and Workshop

Come and join us on 18 June 2017 to visit some potential Viva Sustainable Village sites, and talk about them.

Sunday 18 June 1.15-6.30

We will travel by bus to see two city sites, potential for our sustainable urban village, followed by a workshop & then dinner for those who want to stay.
1.15pm Meet at Pegasus Arms. 14 Oxford Street.
1.30      Bus Leaves to visit two possible sites
4-6.30   At Pegasus Arms for Workshop
6.30      Dinner at Pegasus Arms

Cost for bus trip and Workshop  $20
book by 10 June
RSVP to Jane Quigley 0274 592 371 bjanequigley@gmail.com
All Viva Members and friends welcome!

Site visits: We will be visiting the City Bowling Club in Salisbury Street and another in Bunyan Street Waltham
Workshop: Architect Mitchell Cole has generously offered to create a very initial concept plan for both sites.  We will discuss the financial implications of developing each site, working up a decision whether and for which site we want to make an offer.

Dinner For those staying for dinner please order and pay prior to the bus departing. $23 roasts are available but need to be ordered by Thursday 15 June. Call 366 0600 or email orders@pegasus-arms.co.nz
Drinks & bar food will be available for purchase at anytime.

VIVA AGM Monday 27 June

Viva Networking meeting and short AGM
Focus on Building Costs

5.30-7.30  Monday 27 June 2016
Pegasus Arms,14 Oxford Terrace
(hospital end) Access off Tuam St or Oxford Tce (map)
RSVP to Jane Quigley (

Housing Affordability

Our huge building costs are making housing unaffordable to many New Zealanders. Over the next few months we will explore why this is and the alternatives.                                  

Park HomesAt our AGM we will have an informal discussion on ParkHomes, (www.ParkHomes.co.nz), with creator Paul Hennessey. Paul has designed an innovative way to deal with TC3 land creating a warm, well insulated, compact home that does not cost the earth

Bring your $20 VIva Subscription   (or click here to pay online)

For your reference:

The Viva! Project
Our vision: “Creating Vibrant Urban Villages, Innovative and Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Design and Connected Community”


4 April Networking Meeting

Monday 4 April 2016 at Pegasus Arms 5.30 – 7.30
(near the hospital) … access is off Tuam St or Oxford Tce.

Come and hear about the exciting land opportunity
at our next meeting!

Amongst our line up of speakers this month you will hear:

Sustainable eco-house in Paris with a flexible design.

Sustainable eco-house in Paris with a flexible design.
Click on the image to link to the article.

  • Community focused Architect Hamish Shaw unveiling ideas for a village on land in a regenerating area of our City – lots of opportunity here! (Come and register your interest in being part of this exciting project and book for the first site planning meeting!)
  • Green Developer, Jane Quigley, will briefly summarize the Cohousing book by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett. While recovering from her broken ankle she “got” why a “Breathe Viva Village” would never have worked and why by following the Cohousing manual we can create a truly successful village.

Drinks & bar food will be available for purchase. Call 366 0600 or email orders@pegasus-arms.co.nz for dinner reservation following the meeting.

RSVP to Jane Quigley bjanequigley@gmail.com

Feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else you think may be interested.

VIVA! End of Year Networking Meeting – 1 December

VivaLogoTuesday 1 December 5.30 – 7.30pm
Open Home & Christmas Gathering
26a Sylvia Street Parklands

We have been invited to visit this  Panalised Passive House presently under construction

This project is collaboration between ProjeX4 and Vicus Design Group.  The house is constructed of panels from LVL, the panels are fully insulated and lined with both an air tight membrane and water tight membrane as well as ply bracing. The framing is not exposed to the elements and no moisture can enter the building framing.  Other benefits are that the houses are constructed quickly and a water tight building is achieved in a much shorter period. This approach dramatically improves the thermal performance, comfort, health and durability of the completed building.

During the evening ProjeX4 and Vicus Design Group will explain design principles and share their design philosophy.

After the site visit we can then head to Waimairi Beach Golf Course Club House for refreshments
RSVP Jane Quigley bjanequigley@gmail.com

 See you there!

VIVA! Members invited to Open Home – 5.30 2 November Limited Numbers!

Our next VIVA! Networking Meeting
Monday 2 November 5.30 – 6.30pm  11 Church Square Addington
At Christchurch’s first 10 star Superhome
Limited to 30 People – so book in please!


Architect Bob Burnett and team will show us around his and NZ first 10 Star home in Church Square, Addington. He will also tell us about the Superhome Movement – building affordable, higher value homes with low ongoing costs.   MORE INFO

Please RSVP to Jane bjanequigley@gmail.com by Friday 30th October – sorry we can only have 30 people to this event, so it will be first in!

Lets go to the Pegasus Arms for a bit of a chat/dinner following!!

July Viva Networking Meeting

VivaLogo27 July 2015 5.30 – 7.30pm
Pegasus Arms,14 Oxford Terrace
(hospital end) Access off Tuam St or Oxford Tce (map)

Speakers include:

David Killick:

David KillickNo doubt you have been reading his articles in the Press, hear him in the flesh speak about his recent trip to Vauban in Germany, one of the world’s most celebrated residential eco-neighbourhoods.

David is keen on all aspects of design, architecture, and innovative products.  David’s Website

PrintMitchell Coll:

Christchurch Architect: Mitchell Coll is the Director of Coll Architecture will speak about his eight-star student apartments – Matipo on the Green – Riccarton

RSVP to Jane Quigley bjanequigley@gmail.com 

Pegasus Arms: Drinks & bar food will be available for purchase. Call 366 0600 or email orders@pegasus-arms.co.nz for dinner reservation following the meeting.

Feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else you think may be interested.

Mid Winter Networking 2015

VivaLogoA Very BIG hello from the Viva! Core Team!

You may have thought you would not hear from us again but we can report that some very exciting things have been happening behind the scenes and we thought you would like to know about them!

We are here and we are PUMPING!!
Come along to the next networking meeting to hear more!

Viva network meeting
Mon 29 June at Pegasus Arms 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Speakers include:

Chris Freer from Solar City providing innovative solutions

solar citysolarZero provides the option to purchase solar power – not panels. You can buy solar power from the panels we install on your roof, at a monthly rate that is less than what you are currently paying for grid power today – guaranteed fixed for the next 20 years.

Tom Dickie from EcoHaus

EcohausWorking with our European partners EcoHaus NZ offers German efficiency with English ingenuity and pride in workmanship. With an EcoHaus NZ purchase you get a speed of construction, that is New Zealand market leading, and quality in design, gives German accuracy and quality to every build.

Pegasus Arms: Drinks & bar food will be available for purchase. Call 366 0600 or email orders@pegasus-arms.co.nz for dinner reservation following the meeting.
How to find it?  see Google map at the bottom of this page

RSVP to Jane Quigley bjanequigley@gmail.com
Feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone else you think may be interested.

Three Developments in the Pipeline

  1. A prefab construction company, based on a passive German design, have approached Viva! asking if we are interested in working with them on a design for a sustainable urban village on a 5540 m2 in the City. We are presently doing some due diligence on this.
  2. We are presently looking at another site, 5000 m2 piece of land in the city,that we are pretty excited about because it is in a great location! We are doing some investigations on this land and can not say too much at this stage.
  3. The Viva Project has submitted an Expression of Interest, EOI, for an inner city piece of land. More on this at the network meeting.

Other events coming up

  • All welcome to the Winter Party and Pot luck dinner and David Guthries 6.30 Sat 11 July 

David’s home is 14 Merlewood Ave Cashmere, off Cracroft Terrace or Centaurus Road (about 5 m from colombo St roundabout

  • More networking events coming up over the next few months with WelHaus, the latest from New Brighton Sustainable Urban Village, David Killick from The Press will speak about his recent trip to Vauban, Germany, one of the world’s most celebrated residential eco-neighbourhoods,  Christchurch Architect: Mitchell Coll, Director of Coll Architecture will speak about his eight-star student apartments – Matipo on the Green – Riccarton
  • Bike ride – join us to ride the Little River Cycle Trail – Date tba

The Viva! Project Our vision: “Creating Vibrant Urban Villages, Innovative and Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Design and Connected Community