Goodbye to 2015 – 2016 awaits….

PohutukawaThe Viva Committee Wish you Christmas – Summer – Solstice greetings as 2015 draws to a close.

We have continued meeting every two weeks during the year with extra meetings with prospective partners.  We have finally said goodbye to any involvement in the Breathe Anchor Project. read about that here.

However we continue to explore some other options, and remain committed to supporting the building of multiple Sustainable Urban Villages in Christchurch.  The New Brighton Sustainable Coastal Village goes from strength to strength.

Our networking meetings have seen some innovative companies and products on show, and have provided an opportunity to regularly update the community.

We look forward to working with you in the New Year…

VIVA Says a Final Goodbye to the Breathe Project

This press release was recently sent out by the Committee:

Jasmax/Viva! - Aerial ViewOne of the finalists in the Breathe Urban Village Anchor Project, The Viva! Sustainable Urban Village was last week told by CERA/CCDU that the Breathe Urban Village idea is no longer being pursued. It has been replaced with a residential precinct concept.

As a result the Viva Project is withdrawing intentions to create a sustainable urban village within the areas controlled by CERA in Christchurch City.

This is an economic decision as the price CERA is expecting for land is not financially viable for a community focused village concept as promoted in the Breathe Competition that they sponsored.

How sad – what was the purpose of the competition?

It turns out that the 58 New Zealand and International entries had no chance of adhering to the competition requirements and developing a community focused village that worked financially. No chance at all!

CERA, you have wasted our time and made a fool of Christchurch on the international stage.

In a recent email received from CERA, following an inquiry into purchasing land for residential development, land prices of $1500m2 up to $5000 & 7000m2 for some high value parcels were quoted. Oh really? Not for residential development in our city. Where are the developers that will take that on, and if they do what price will the housing need to be?

Look how Victoria St has gone ahead in an interesting an innovative way, without constraints that CERA has imposed on the central city.

It is difficult to see how the target of 20,000 people living in the central City will be achieved while CERA holds fast to obtaining the prices it paid for more expensive commercially valued land and expecting residential developments to be viable. And all this on earthquake damaged land.

The Viva! Project has exciting options outside of land controlled by CERA and looks forward to working with Christchurch people and the CCC in creating a sustainable urban village that will be a flag ship for what is possible in city developments.




Panelised Passive House – looked great

IMG_2033For our last networking meeting of the year Viva visited the  Panalised Passive House presently under construction in Parklands.

A collaboration between ProjeX4 and Vicus Design Group, the house is constructed of panels from LVL, the panels are fully insulated and lined with both an air tight membrane and water tight membrane as well as ply bracing.

A dozen of us gathered under stormy clouds, and really enjoyed looking at this house and hearing its story.  I found the passive house system they are using fascinating, and it was great to see how they are using the LVL.  

We had to gather under what shelter we could as the rain started, but it was an inspirational way to end the VIVA! year!

IMG_2028 IMG_2027 IMG_2025