Viva update: Breathe competition and development options

The final presentation in last weeks networking meeting followed on nicely from Robin Allison’s presentation about structures and development options.  Jürg Hönger and Jane Quigley gave us an update on the progress with the Breathe Urban Village design competition and then presented a range of development options that they have been researching.

Viva and Jasmax are continuing to work to some tight deadlines with the Breathe competition organisers.  To begin moving to the next level, the Viva core team is now calling on those who have an interest in actually being part of the Viva community – as owners, tenants or investors – to come together to form functional groups to begin planning some of the concrete steps towards realising the vision.  (See workshop invitation.)


There are a number of ways a sustainable urban village can be developed:

The options

  1. Developer-led
  2. Partnerships between developers and residential groups (most common in US)
  3. Community-led, employs a professional team such as a Development/Project Manager, freeing the group to focus on building the social community
  4. Community-led, with community taking on all financial risk, development project management and implementation. Often this pathway costing more and taking longer.

For more details see the full presentation.

Full details of the next workshop.



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  1. I just want to know if the Christchurch Agency for Energy (CAfE) is still going to run the Energy Expo again this year. It seems that they have disappeared. It will be very kind if you can tell me.

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