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The Viva! Project is its community – a group of over 400 people passionate about the idea of building sustainable urban villages for Christchurch.  This network of building and design professionals, academics, sustainability experts, government body officials, investors, as well as enthusiastic and creative people from all walks of life are the powerhouse behind our design workshops, networking meetings and other events.

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Central to Viva! is a number of enthusiastic individuals involved in The Viva Project core team.  The team helps to coordinate activities of the community and for the community.


Jane Quigley

Jane Quigley.Jane loves Christchurch and has a business providing accommodation to internationals who largely work with the Christchurch rebuild. She is inspired and in action around the enormous opportunities Christchurch people have to recreate “our city” as a leading edge, internationally renowned sustainable city. Jane is committed to making a difference.

Lin Roberts

Lin Roberts teaches Leading Sustainable Enterprises in the MBA programme at Canterbury and Otago universities, and is an adjunct senior lecturer in environmental management at Lincoln University. For the last 18 years she has been helping companies and other organisations develop and implement sustainability strategies. Past roles have included board member of the Environmental Risk Management Authority and The Natural Step New Zealand, senior manager at Ministry for the Environment and entomologist in DSIR.

Jürg Hönger

Jurg Honger.In his day job, Jürg works as a programme manager at Tait Communications, facilitating strategic and cultural change for the business. He is always looking for synergies and opportunities in all situations, listens for the greatness in people and passionately helps them to bring it to life with creativity and compassion. He enjoys the thrill of achieving outstanding results with any team he is part of.

David Guthrey

David Guthrey.David Guthrey owns Health 2000 shops at Barrington, Merivale and Avonhead Shopping Centres. David and his naturopathy and homeopathy staff have operated health shops in Christchurch for over 26 years. David has also worked in tourism overseas and enjoyed years of farming and Permaculture activities including 3 years at Lincoln College studying farm management , economics and marketing.

Debbie Prior

Debbie Prior.Debbie’s passion is to live what you love to do and be the change you want to see. “Creating communities with awareness is the way forward, working with each other and the environment. That is where we truly meet one another with a greater knowing of love, inspiration and connectivity. Actually, the whole of humanity is my community, a place where I endeavor to meet all, deep within the heart. The last year or so, has shown me that nothing is permanent; that the only constant thing is change. If I can see life from this place & embrace it all, I can know a rich, vibrant and thrilling journey!”

Debbie is part of the She Chocolat Team in Governors Bay. She is the author of a novel on conscious relationship, and self-published her first children’s picture book. She also teaches a profound moving meditation ‘The Form Reality Practice’.

Carolyn Rhodes

Vedic Architecture (Vastu) is an area of Vedic knowledge that Carolyn is passionate about, becoming a Vastu Coordinator for Christchurch in 2005 and currently living in a Vastu home.

Maharishi Vastu is architecture that enlivens the intelligence of Natural Law and thereby promotes nourishing influences to your home, workplace or entire community. The revival of this ancient system of city planning and design, combined with modern methods of sustainability, create a most complete form of sustainable living.

Carolyn has been involved in the knowledge of Vedic Science since becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1975. During that time she has seen the transformation of hundreds of people through this profound technique. She is National Director of the Women’s Organisation for teaching Transcendental Meditation in New Zealand.

John Riding

John has spent this century overseas, working on houses out of necessity (for green-ness) rather than by choice. He is passionate about having EU Larch/Spruce kitset homes as part of the Christchurch rebuild. John abhors treated timber, fibreglass batts, and paint.

Rex Verity

In his day job, Rex is the environmental manager at CPIT, advocating for sustainability and facilitating strategic and cultural change. He has been a nurse, teacher, organic farmer, researcher, activist and politician, a founding organiser of the Values, Green and New Economics Parties.

Ruth Walcoff

Ruth Walcoff.Ruth has a BS in Environmental Engineering, and she is very interested in sustainable eco friendly design. Ruth is excited about the VIVA project because she believes we have a responsibility and an opportunity to explore and implement sustainable environmentally sound technologies for the Christchurch rebuild.