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The Viva! Project is its community – a group of over 400 people passionate about the idea of building sustainable urban villages for Christchurch.  This network of building and design professionals, academics, sustainability experts, government body officials, investors, as well as enthusiastic and creative people from all walks of life are the powerhouse behind our design workshops, networking meetings and other events.  They were finalists in the Breathe Village – a post earthquake Anchor Project which failed to materialise.

Why did the Breathe Project fail?  Read Lin Roberts article here

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We have regular network meetings through the year, often at the Pegasus Arms. At these meetings we often have presentations regarding sustainable building and development, co-housing and similar initiatives


Central to Viva! is a number of enthusiastic individuals involved in The Viva Project core team. The team helps to coordinate activities of the community and for the community.

Who are they?  read more here

Viva’s vision is:

“to create vibrant urban villages, as innovative and inspiring examples of sustainable design and connected community” 


Viva and The Breathe Competition

Viva were one of four finalists in Breathe competition for building a sustainable urban village in Christchurch central.  Unfortunately the bureaucracy made it unsustainable for all the finalists, and CERA eventually withdrew it as an anchor project.

Since then Viva has held several workshops and regular networking meetings to continue to engage the people of the city in the vision of sustainably rebuilding our city.

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